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Free-Of-Charge Air Fare Quotations and/or Scheduling

If you plan a trip to attend a conference, contact us as soon as possible. We will send you air fare quotations and propose a schedule. Even if you live far away, please rest assured of our speedy response by email, fax and “takkyubin”(courier service). We help you with your trip with up-to-date information and secure arrangements.

Please fill-in the below form and click “SEND.” (Inquiries can be made via fax or telephone as well.) We will respond on the next working day. (Our replies can be via fax or telephones if appropriate.) If you need a formal fare quotation (Form 1-B-4 of Finance Ministry)to apply for the public expenses grant, just let us know by using the 8 of the below form. Quotations can be made free-of-charge.


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