From Tokyo to Okazaki

From Narita (Tokyo International Airport) to Okazaki

By airplane:

Currently, JAL operates a convenient connecting flight for international flights from Narita to Nagoya (Centrair) in the evening. You have to buy this ticket before reaching Japan and must remain in transit in Narita. For anyone who wants to get off at Narita, ANA has a domestic morning and evening flights from Narita to Nagoya.

  • Baggage Delivery Service: ABC Delivery Service will deliver your baggage from Narita to Okazaki at a reasonable cost.

After arriving in Nagoya (Centrair) Airport, you can take the Meitetsu Express Airport Bus to Higashi Okazaki Station, and costs 1,600YEN.
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From Higashi Okazaki station, it is about 7 minutes walk to the institute and 5 minutes to the Okazaki New Grand Hotel by taxi.


By train: first, get to Tokyo Station.

JR: The Tokkyu Narita Express train takes about an hour to get to Tokyo Station and costs 2,940YEN.

Keisei Line: The Keisei Sky Liner trains take about an hour and cost 1,920YEN to Keisei Ueno Station. From Ueno Station to Yaesu Guchi at Tokyo Station on the Yamanote line takes 10 minutes. Transfer time from the Yamanote line to the Shinkansen is about 10 minutes.

Limousine Bus: It is an 1.5 hour trip from Narita Airport to the Yaesu Minami guchi entrance at Tokyo Station, passing through Tokyo City Air Terminal (TCAT), and costs 3,000YEN. It will most likely take longer due to the perpetual Tokyo traffic jam.

Depending on the airline, your plane will land at either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. Please be aware that the JR and Keisei Lines are also differentiated between "Narita Airport Station" and "Airport Terminal 2 Station"

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