Sunrise tours
Since they were first marketed over 40 years ago, "Sunrise Tours," japan's Top prearranged package tour brand for visitors to Japan, have been enjoyed by more than six million tourists and business people.

The Shinkansen Tour Special prices for travelers from overseas only

Kyoto Special Tours
new Gion Walking tour ¥6,000
new Japanese Home Visit & Kimono Experience ¥7,000
new Half-day Fushimi Waliking Tour ¥6,000
new Hidden Tresure & Serenity Tour at Sagano Arashiyama ¥7,000

 Half Day City Tour
image Kyoto Morning ¥5,300
image Kyoto Afternoon ¥5,300
image Kyoto Morning & Craft ¥8,000
image Walking in Sagano-Arashiyama ¥7,800
image Experience Authentic Japanese Culture In Kyoto ¥9,000
 Full day Tour
image Kyoto 1 day ¥11,200
 Night Tour
image Kyoto Special Night ¥11,000
image Kyoto Maiko Night ¥9,800
 Excursions from Kyoto
image Nara Afternoon from Kyoto ¥6,300
image Kyoto & Nara 1 day ¥12,200
image Pearl Island & Ise 1 Day ¥25,000
image Hiroshima(Atomic Bombed City) & Miyajima(World Heritage) 1 Day ¥46,300
image Himeji Castle & Sake Brewery ¥15,000
image Walking Tour Osaka 1 day from Kyoto ¥14,500
image Sunrise Sumo Tour - Osaka Tournament, from Kyoto - ¥9,800
image Hiei-Zan Enryaku-ji & The Experience of Zazen ¥17,000
image Miho Museum <Private> (No guide) ¥26,000
  MINI TOURS(Round Trip from/to Kyoto)
image Hiroshima & Kurashiki 2 Days ¥79,000
image Tokyo, Mt.Fuji & Hakaone 3 days ¥45,000TOKYO
image Takayama, Shirakawago & Kanazawa 3 days from ¥104,900TOKYO


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